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Get to Know Tanela Hickman

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Meet Tanela. Tanela first joined the Luxottica family 11 years ago and takes pride in her contributions to its various brands and departments. She’s an energetic, talented woman who wears many hats, knows what it takes to lead a project to success and does it all while dressed (ultra) fashionably.

LUX-TanelaWhy do you love working at Luxottica?
Luxottica is a consistently growing company! They show a lot of appreciation for their associates through celebrations at our North American headquarters. We have BodyCrafters—the great gym where I can get my work out on before, during or after work! I get to be fashionable in my jeans or professional attire with “dress for my day”, have flexible hours and five weeks of paid-time-off earned after 10 years with Luxottica. While at work, I can get my clothes dry-cleaned or go to a quiet room if I am not feeling well to take an hour-long nap. I also love the international OneSight clinic trips we can apply for. Overall, Luxottica wants to help its associates develop their skills as leaders and provides programs and opportunities to help them achieve their career goals. There are so many reasons I love working for this company!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
I love the company culture and my team. We have a hard-working, dependable, positive atmosphere that keeps me motivated. I love the fact that we are treated as individuals and that we are in charge of our own responsibilities. It shows how our managers trust us to do a great job. I work with a lot of different teams each day and I love working with people. And, the fact that I am part of a team that chooses stylish frames for every Pearle Vision store in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico is always exciting! When you have fun and like your job, it’s so easy to come in with a positive, happy attitude.

What’s been your most rewarding day at Luxottica?
When I hit my 10-year mark, it was joyful and emotional. I have had the chance to work with great teams from EyeMed, Store Design and Pearle Vision. I am also a mentor for the Luxottica Student Mentoring Program (a group of students from Withrow High School that Luxottica associates mentor and support), a member of the African American Employee Resource Group, and I get to volunteer for OneSight. I have learned so many things throughout the years and am grateful for the opportunity to work with different people and to be a part of such a successful company for so long. So, there’s not just one day that’s been the most rewarding!

What are your main responsibilities as a Pearle Product Analyst?
Most of my work is behind-the-scene: I fix issues with cost, figure out why something isn’t working in our systems and address product color and size issues. I work with our factories in China and Italy on getting product on time to our distribution centers and collaborate with quality assurance to make sure our product meets Luxottica standards. Managing inventory is another large part of my job, so I generally work closely with third party vendors. Besides buying and assorting product, I basically manage anything that has to do with frames at every Pearle Vision store. 

Why are you a good fit for Luxottica?
I am a great fit for Luxottica because I am constantly focused on learning, researching and being proactive in my job. I love to help people. I am a multi-tasker who can move to any team to succeed. I socialize and talk to everyone. It’s important for people to know who I am.

Why do you love your job?
Recently, two members from my team were promoted to other brands. At Luxottica, it’s possible to experience different brands and departments. While we’re working to replace these two team members, I have volunteered to take on buying accessories for all Pearle stores and take over our repackaging project for all accessories with Pearle’s new branding logo. This is a huge challenge but it will give me the opportunity to do more and learn more. The fact that I can step up when my team needs me most while building my career portfolio is the most rewarding feeling.


  1. Wow what an inspiring, success story about Tanela Hickman and the many great reasons she loves working with such an awesome brand!! This company is an exemplary example of caring about their employees while maintaining an excellent product and services. Congratulations Tanela!! Continue your great attitude and effort at this wonderful company.

  2. This is a fantastic article and really shows the opportunities at Luxottica! Luxottica seems to be one of the best places to work in the Cincinnati area!

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