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Scott LundgrenMeet Scott. Scott works at Pearle Vision. He is analytical and observant, two characteristics that come in handy in his role as a senior manager of Pearle Buying. He has a passion for perfecting eyewear, which is necessary since his whole role revolves around the production, transportation, tracking and specific knowledge of our product. Have a question about Pearle Vision eyewear? Scott’s your guy. In the market for some diamond-encrusted glasses? Scott may be your guy for that, too.

Why do you love working at Luxottica?
I love working with the amazing product that Luxottica manufactures. I get to see the passion of my coworkers everyday, and love learning about the luxury of our product.

What first made you excited about Luxottica?
Prior to my career at Luxottica, I was in the jewelry business and worked for the ILORI stores in product. We wanted to develop a very special piece that would wow the optical world, so I worked with Oliver Peoples to help us design something spectacular. We took a current best selling frame and decided to add high quality diamonds across the top bar. The result was stunning and gained a lot of attention from our customers. After a few months, an international client purchased the diamond-encrusted glasses for $25,000 in ILORI’s Las Vegas store. The store was so excited about it—the purchase allowed them to make their monthly sales goal in one day!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
This is a true place of learning, and I truthfully can say that I gain knowledge every day. It’s a bonus that I also am privileged to work with awesome people.

What are your main responsibilities within Pearle Buying?
As a Senior Manager of Pearle Buying, I manage the lifecycle of product for the Pearle Vision stores. My job starts with reviewing new stock-keeping units at our factory in Italy. I then make sure each piece of eyewear gets to the right stores and track its exit strategy so that I can quickly bring in new product.

What’s been your most rewarding day at Luxottica?
I recently went to a summit meeting with ILORI and the Optical Shop of Aspen. All of the store managers were brought in, and it was my first time I was able to meet most of them. Having the chance to put faces to names was great, and I really enjoyed hearing them tell me how much they appreciate what I do for them and their customers. It was very rewarding to receive thanks for the support I’ve provided related to locating a certain frame or building a specific business. It’s a pleasure for me to feel great about just doing my job.

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