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Wedding Rings and Ray-Bans

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A marriage license, wedding rings and … Ray-Bans? For one Luxottica recruiter, the perfect wedding day had to include her favorite product! In considering wedding party gifts, Angie decided that practicality was key.

“I incorporated Ray-Bans because we wanted to provide a unique gift for our wedding party that they could use in our wedding pictures. Using my eye wear discount gave me a great opportunity to share my work with our loved ones,” Angie said.

And, the Ray-Bans were a hit! The wedding party wore their Wayfarers to the rehearsal dinner and before the wedding, all the while sharing their love for the shades on Instagram and Facebook.

Want to learn more about Angie’s life at Luxottica? Follow her on Twitter at @AngelaTevis to see her work in recruiting for our marketing divisions.


  1. Angie you’re such a trailblazer on our team! Always coming up with these creative ideas. Love the pics and congratulations! :)

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