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Get to Know Alexis Snell

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LUX-AlexisMeet Alexis. Whether she knows you or not, Alexis is always willing to lend a helping hand. Her enthusiasm for eyewear and welcoming personality make her an ideal member of the Luxottica family. We’re proud of her, too, because her dedication to our customers and desire to take on new challenges recently earned her a promotion to assistant buyer for LensCrafters.

Why do you love working at Luxottica?
I love the culture! Everyone is so encouraging and passionate about what they do. Each day is different and I’m always learning something new. Wonderful people from all over the world and from different backgrounds surround me, which has been an integral part in determining my career path. I recently was promoted to assistant buyer for LensCrafters at our North American Corporate Headquarters working with our sun eyewear. My favorite part of LensCrafters is our products, because who doesn’t love sunglasses? I’m sure it’s hilarious to see how excited I get when I see our new frames.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
I love having a new challenge every day! A huge part of my job is analyzing data and assorting product to our stores to ensure they have the best selection for our customers. It’s a great experience to see the process from beginning to end—from product development to meeting vendors—and analyzing what product sells or figuring out why it doesn’t. The process is a wonderful puzzle that’s waiting to get solved.

The people that I work with are absolutely amazing. They are all willing to share their knowledge and experience so we can work perfectly as a team.

What’s been your most rewarding day at Luxottica?
My most rewarding day occurred when I was working in the LensCrafters store and a woman arrived in a wheelchair and informed me that she couldn’t lift her arms to try on the glasses. I remember talking with her and finding out that even though she wore t-shirts most of the time because it was easier, she still liked “a little bling,” because it made her feel pretty.

I walked around the store, picked out at least 15 frames and sat with her, sliding each pair on and off her face and holding a mirror up so she could see what she looked like in them. I’ve never heard someone say, “Thank you,” as many times as I did that day. Seeing her smile when she made her selection and then later when I was dispensing her eyewear will always stay with me. That’s when I knew this was the right company for me.

What are your main responsibilities as an assistant buyer?
I assist the LensCrafters sun buyer in product selection, product definition, assortment analysis, marketing and managing assortment; so, I work with a lot of data. Maintaining the Frame Room is also a big responsibility; I help make sure all assortments are kept up to date and accurate on the frame wall so there is a visual on hand if needed. Organization, communication and time management are huge.

Why are you a good fit for Luxottica?
Anyone who knows me knows that I love a challenge and I love being able to learn something new every day. I’m a big questioner, and a lot of the time my question is, “why?” Through questions, I better understand how processes work and can think of new ways to challenge those processes to improve them. Thankfully, everyone at Luxottica is a big proponent of asking questions, so I feel right at home here.

Why do you love your job?
My story alone is why I love my job. As soon as word got out that I got the promotion to assistant buyer, I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm from my new team and everyone on my brand. Everyone was so encouraging—telling me why they thought I was a perfect fit due to my optical and customer service experience. I love my job because of the people. My favorite part is the product; hence my career choice, but the people are what make every day fabulous.


  1. Alexis is a very bright, fun loving and generous young woman. I am very proud of the things she is accomplishing and the lives she is touching! Keep up the amazing work and know your making a difference one person at a time. Alexis is a true gem!

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