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Five Ways Today’s Job Seekers Can Use Social Media

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Finding your next job requires organization, coordination and a resilient attitude. Whether you’re actively looking for a new position or simply exploring your options, here are five ways you can use social media to enhance your job prospects.

1. Be professional: Companies are increasingly referring to social media sites to screen potential job candidates. Build and engage on your social media networks in a way that will not deter recruiters from hiring you. You can express your opinions and share personal interests, but remember to keep your comments clean and refrain from posting disparaging remarks about your current employer. Before you post, ask yourself, “Is this nice? Is this necessary?” If your tweet or update does not meet these standards, than keep it to yourself.

2. Follow people in your industry: Research and follow the influential individuals in your industry on social media. Connecting with local and national industry professionals is a great way to get your foot in the door with potential employers.  After you follow or befriend them, remember to maintain your network and participate in relevant conversations. By making and maintaining these connections, you may discover that your next job is only a friend away.

3. Showcase your knowledge: Social media provides job seekers with a new way to build credibility. By participating in industry chats on Twitter or offering helpful advice on Facebook, you demonstrate to recruiters that you are a viable candidate.  These interactions will also allow employers to see what you have to offer beyond your resume and how your personal interests align with your professional ones.

4. Engage recruiters: Today, recruiters have responded to social media’s popularity by using it to engage potential candidates. Discover the recruiters and employers that have a social media presence and get to know them. Keep your interactions professional while giving them the opportunity to get to know your personality and interests. Knowing more about the people who are doing the hiring can help you tailor your application to their needs and desires.

5. Don’t forget the Google search: Employers do not need to be on social media to see your social media interactions. A simple Google search of your name will tell them all they need to know about your behavior, both online and offline. By searching yourself and reviewing the results you can take steps towards cleaning up anything unflattering that appears. If you’re concerned that your social media past does not meet your new standards, tools like TwitWipe and Facebook Scrubber can refresh your digital persona while allowing you to keep your current accounts.

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