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Get to Know Jessica Ziza

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Jessica Ziza

Say buongiorno to Jessica. As a senior financial merchandise planner, Jessica is the epitome of a global jetsetter, balancing her time between Cincinnati and Agordo (North of Venice in Italy). When she’s not solving problems, planning strategy or collaborating with her team, you’ll find her brushing up on her Italian and inspiring her coworkers through her energetic, creative personality.

Why do you love working at Luxottica?

I crave excitement and love adventure. Luxottica has many opportunities to explore, with what seems like infinite possibilities. I joined the Sunglass Hut North America team because of its global reach. After studying abroad in Europe, I developed a passion for the European culture and hoped to work with our counterparts in Italy as much as possible. As my relationships strengthened abroad, I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to work in Italy on a two-year assignment. I love how Luxottica works with me on my journey for personal and professional development and helps me to get where I want to be.

Why a career at Luxottica?

I was lucky enough to have two internships at LensCrafters during my summers in college. The business is logical and fast paced; always presenting challenges to the way things have been done with a constant need for innovation and creativity. I thrive in environments that allow me to challenge the process. Luxottica’s culture nurtures imagination and encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. I knew that I would love to work for a company that supports calculated risks to improve business.

What are your main responsibilities as a senior financial merchandise planner?

I work with the production planning team in Italy on a new concept to support our outlet and promotional sales needs with inventory. The Global Sunglass Hut (SGH) divisions have promotional inventory needs and I find innovative ways to produce product, while maintaining the Luxottica standard, to sell at a reduced price. I also work with our New Product Introduction team to improve new product flow to our Sunglass Hut North America stores in support of our Fresh Flower model and Front Door activities. It takes an understanding of the retail business and a lot of collaboration with the teams around the world to make these project a success.

This is the first post in a two-post series exploring Jessica’s work at Luxottica. Tune in next week to read more about her experience as a senior financial merchandise planner.

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