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Get to Know Jessica Ziza—Part Two

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Wonder how puzzles fit into our planning careers? This week, we’re featuring more insights on this career and our company by interviewing Jessica Ziza, a senior financial merchandise planner. Click here to read the first post of this two-post series.

What do you enjoy the most about being a senior financial merchandise planner?

There are 2 aspects of my job that get me up every morning excited to go to work: The people and the puzzles.

Dan Nowlin, the Sr. Vice President of Sunglass Hut North America operations and President of Sunglass Hut Culture, has a famous saying: “People work for people.” That is a fundamental part of who Luxottica is. From the independent contributor to the CEO in Milan, everyone is approachable with a desire to see the company and its people succeed. I love working in an environment where failures are learning opportunities and successes are celebrated.

I love a good challenge. In puzzles, as in life, there is a range of complexity. The 30 piece puzzles for toddlers are welcome from time to time, but it’s the 1000 piece, 3D, Rome’s Coliseum puzzle that attracts me. The first step in completing any puzzle is understanding what the final result looks like and separating the pieces. The same is true for any challenge faced in business. First you have to understand what the end results needs to be, then you take it, piece by piece, to find the right “fit” that makes it all work. Luxottica’s environment gives you the pieces; it is up to you to put them together.

What’s been your most rewarding day at Luxottica?

OneSight is Luxottica’s philanthropic platform that gives millions of people, who would not otherwise have the resources, the ability to see with corrective lenses. Throughout my career at Luxottica, I have always made time to go to the schools in the greater Cincinnati area to help give the gift of sight. Children’s inability to see the black board has a direct impact on their ability to learn. Through my work with OneSight, I know that I am impacting these children and improving their quality of life. It is one of the most rewarding parts of my job, being able to help others in and out of the office.

Why are you a good fit for Luxottica?

I don’t allow for the word “no” to be a part of my vocabulary. To me, “no” really means, “not in that way.” Luxottica encourages an entrepreneurial spirit that gives creative license to its associates to challenge the process, improve inefficiencies, and demand excellence. This environment supports collaboration and innovation, two things that I value above all else. With passion, strength of conviction and tenacity, anything can be achieved.


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