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A Look Inside Customer Care With Randal Burton

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LUX-WED2-2020Meet Randal. Randal is a total people person. One minute you may find him humming a dance song, the next, he’s patiently describing a key benefit of EyeMed to a member. Randal’s humor keeps us laughing throughout our day, and his creativity and versatility make him a great vision care customer service team member.

Why do you love working at EyeMed?
The culture! It’s welcoming and fun, and makes me see how I make a difference in people’s lives. The culture really emphasizes employee happiness. I’ve gotten to get to know my coworkers and enjoy celebrating company milestones through picnics, onsite farmer’s markets and global and local volunteer events. I also appreciate the flexible scheduling we have during the summer and the positive vibe that reverberates through all of the people here.

What are your main responsibilities as a customer service member?
One of my main responsibilities is to be the “voice“ of EyeMed to our members, providers and clients. I solve problems and help people better understand any issues they encounter. The ways I assist our customers range from giving benefit information to existing members to helping new doctors with getting credentialed. There’s always a new issue to tackle, and I love educating our customers and being there for them when a problem is solved!

Why are you a good fit for EyeMed?

EyeMed is a great place full of passionate, hard-working people. We’re innovators in the way we do business, and the way our business evolves. I think I fit that description. ☺


  1. Randal is a true character and an exceptional customer care representative. His positive energy affects everyone around him.

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